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city, missouri on our lines for democrats. good morning. i am a liberal democrat from kansas city, missouri and i want to say a couple of things real quick. the media has gotten 80% of -- 40% of americans think he is a communist from kenya. and obama is a moderate republican. he is lower taxes for the very rich when they were supposed to be temporary. but because of clinton's surplus they have extended that. he got caught in an economic bind and he helped out the bankers. what he is doing with the insurance company are trying to do is trying to use free enterprise to regulate and turn the insurance companies who, by andway, are scam artists, turned them into a regulated utility and set some rules for the game and all the subsidies are going to the insurance companies. obviously, he's got to keep them from profiteering by putting a limit out so if they have a higher overhead than 20% they have to repay the money. well, we are trying to get people health insurance. and got thes in it pharmacy going and they put in the rule that the government can't negotiate pharmacy prices -- i go
cities are picking up quickly, some aren't. keep are you going to looking for work or have you given up? caller: i will keep looking. fairs, i apply for work every day. i search for jobs every day, update my resume. i talk to all those people that i am supposed to talk to. i even tried to get back to school. it is difficult for some people. ,ost: three lines this morning for under 30, 31 to age 50, and 51 and over. our next caller -- caller: i spend a lot of time intel has see helping people for my business fraternity and different organizations looking for jobs, especially coming out of college or even if you are a currently in college. tallahassee is growing really quickly. we added a lot of different jobs here. -- ild say the only issue am definitely very optimistic about the job market. jobsnk there are a lot of out there, especially if you spend a lot of time looking at them and filtering through them. especially like the universities. i think the issue that we are having is so many of these jobs and 1010ng for five years experience or they will exchange out for education, for a co
thoughts of what is next. span, we are featuring the history and literary scene of the northern idaho city and on american history tv and booktv, 5:00 eastern time on c- span3, we will air our look at the area's connection to the area nation and its leader, richard butler, and how concerned citizens fought against the group. here is a preview. >> an aerospace engineer who retired in the mid-70's and moved with his wife betty and they bought property and he make the land and property a nonprofit church. that was basically the birth. 1981, they burned the first cross there on the property and started holding annual world congresses. >> richard butler was not a person that was dynamic and he was not a great speaker, but he was quite effective at publicity. lot ofas able to get a publicist he not only with the national media, but even at times international media. i think they were fascinated with the idea that he created these two organizations. it was somewhat unique in the sense that his political arm, which was neo-nazi are really not the nasty datsun -- doctrine, the political arm, and th
, and latinos. we need to fight to keep up our cities, like washington d.c., which is reduced thy most infections nearly by half. we are going to keep pursuing scientific breakthroughs. we are going to redirect $100 million into this project to develop a new generation of therapies. the united states should be at the forefront of new discoveries . or better yet, eliminate it completely. host: the end of the senate and specificallye -- looking at the status of the farm bill. the senators are confident the farm bill can pass by the end of the year. senior member of the negotiating group on the bill that says -- the house voted to cut almost $40 billion in funding over the same. -- over the same period. mike from virginia, thank you for holding on on our oppose line. you are on, sir. go ahead. oppose the drone delivery. , the corporation is ultimately responsible to its shareholders. they are clearly trying to save money. unfortunately, that wealth will to the folksbuted that work for the company. they cut folks and people women, with these sorts of ways to cut costs. i appreciate it is a
is at stake here city -- is the cup has capacity for you or your to have thebe able security of decent health insurance at a reasonable cost through choice and competition on this marketplace and tax credits that you may be eligible for that can save you hundreds of dollars in premium costs month potentially. to -- now that we are getting the technology fixed ande need you to go back take a look at what is actually going on. it can make a difference in your lives and the lives of your families. the president yesterday as onlaunches the second act, encouraging people to go to the website and try again. the washington times this -- the president leader and chief on obamacare. -- salesman -- cheerleader in chief for obamacare. democrats and the president are expected to have a coordinated effort in pushing --e is a congressman's tweet what do you think about the rollout of enter the president fire somebody? betty in albuquerque, new mexico. democrat. thank you for accepting my call. this particular congress that we now -- i believe the th -- hasnd 12
the canadian border. the city is probably best known for the beauty. kinds ofmidst all water, lakes, and rivers. we live in the mountains. all kinds of color. to me, the story is that we have become what we needed to become. we are a city that we have thrived on mining and timber. as that one away, so did many of our jobs. hard at will are we going to be? we do not want to lose that sense of who we were as far as people and a community. we had to look at what the jobs were going to being. we are known for the tour is on we have a -- we are known for the tour is him. we have a huge medical center. we are trying to diversify the economic base. we realize as a city, if we are not growing, it does not mean we but we have hugely, to be progressive and in the real world. at the same time, we what to hang on to the people here. i have hopes for the immunity. i do not see our culture go away. -- going away. >> "washington journal " continues. this morning on c-span's washington journal, we want to focus on the work of nih. we want to give you the opportunity to learn more about the people behind the ag
have begun their investigation into yesterday's new york city commuter train crash that killed 4 people and injured more than 60 others. the national transportation safety board says investigators would spend up to 10 days looking at all aspects of the accident that turned over 7 cars and a locomotive. way, wasotive, by the right this morning. "the hill" writes that the house could act in a flurry of by partisan deals or it could head home for the holidays and beheaded. negotiators tried to finish conference reports on the budget am -- head home for the holidays empty-handed. negotiators try to finish conference reports on the budget. a likely scenario is 1 or 2 of them will be kicked over into the next new year. epa administrator gina mccarthy is making china her first international destination as agency head. she leaves saturday on an eight- day trip to beijing, shanghai, and hong kong. she previous omissions to china this morning. that she previous your message to china this money. a.m.l begins at 10:30 eastern time. those are the latest headlines on c-span radio. >> social media is
in your city or county or a prestigious hospital that the insurance companies said this is what we are willing to pay you, and the hospital said that is not enough, so they will not do business. syracuse, new york. ron is on our line for independents. caller: i am on both medicaid and medicare because my income is about eight hundred dollars per month. i cannot even afford the co- pays, each means i skipped important x-rays to follow-up some things that are going on with my liver and an aneurysm. to be the whole debate ridiculous. keep hearing about skyrocketing costs of medical care. it is not the care that is skyrocketing. 2010, the average from $750urance went per month to almost $1900 per month, 128% raise. the insurance companies, the top five insurance companies from 2000 to 2010 had a profit increase of 440%. care gettinghealth more expensive. doctors and nurses and orderlies and janitors are not more than doubling their pay. the insurance companies are putting it all in their pockets. now, they take about $800 billion a year in administrative profits andeir stuff. all other
or satellite provider. and now, you can watch us in h.d. the kansas city star was rated more in favor of reform than all of the other major newspapers in the united states combined. as nelson told an interviewer, "i do not want the editorials to be a lot of literary essays. i want to get things done." he followed up with an editorial in the "star" that rejected the builder- he is a recall to his work rather than a man on horseback. after his arrival from africa, talk about his candidacy. napoleone clubs like in the spring of 1910. >> the impact on the american progressive movement to win back the white house, sunday on c- span three american history tv. "washington journal" continues. we want to welcome back to the program hakeem jeffries, sit on the wedges committee. --sits on the budget committee. congress near to a budget deal. what do you know? ryan: i know that chairman and chairwoman mary have been working along with the other members of the conference committee to arrive at an agreement, which is what congress should be doing. we need to increase or reduce the harmful impacts of the seq
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9